Monday, March 3, 2014

Pirate Treasure & new WIP

I just got to the point where I had enough of Pirate Treasure for a while.  I found I was not stitching when  I could have been because I didn't want to stitch on it.  So here's a pic of it just before I put it away...
Pirate Treasure designed by Lynn Nicoletti

And then I had to figure out what I was going to stitch on next.  I've been commissioned to stitch Biancabella for someone.  But the fabric for it isn't here yet.  I've been in a funk lately... so I figured I needed a new start (I love those) and I needed something bright and fun.  So I picked Ophelia's Pearl on SMF Watersprite linen.  I've been stitching on it for a few days, so here's a WIP pic.
Ophelia's Pearl design by Mirabilia
I didn't realize from the chart photo exactly how violently orange this mermaid is!  =)  Anyways, I should get back to stitching.... I don't have much left to finish that tail fin off!


Gill said...

I hate it when I run out of steam on a project - so often they end up unfinished. Love the start on Ophelia though! :)

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